Villainess’ Father Side Story 5

Side Story 5: Mutual Ideals “Wow...”   Celeu, watching from the side of the arena, muttered. In front of him stood Callis and the Knight’s Grandmaster, who had just finished their battle without even breaking a sweat.   What an overwhelmingly high-level battle. Even until their weapons broke, it was impossible to know who would win … Continue reading Villainess’ Father Side Story 5

Villainess’ Father Chapter 68

Chapter 68: VS Knight’s Grandmaster How did this happen... I was filled with indignation.   “Good luck!”   “You got this, Grandmaster!”   “I’m rooting for you, Duke Fall!”   There are people cheering all around me. The location is the Knight’s training arena. In the center of that arena, I’m holding a training sword … Continue reading Villainess’ Father Chapter 68

Villainess’ Father Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Big Sis Laurier “Auu~”   “There, there. It’s your Grandma~ ♪”   Mother was carrying the younger brother twin, Basil, and gently soothing him. Judging by how frequently she’s carrying him, it seems he’s her favorite. Basil strangely enough is also attached to Mother, so he’s in a good mood because he’s being … Continue reading Villainess’ Father Chapter 65

Villainess’ Father Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Naming War “Yes Ye~s, I’m your Grandma~♪”   “Aaauu~”   Mother was holding my newborn boy and making noises I’ve never heard her make before. It seems it’s true that grandchildren make grandparents go crazy.   “Fufu... she’s energetically drinking.”   In the opposite direction, Sasha was breastfeeding our newborn girl. Since it’s been … Continue reading Villainess’ Father Chapter 62

Villainess’ Father Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Childbirth “Sasha, you’re doing great...!”   While gently holding Sasha’s hand, I utter words of encouragement. As expected of the second childbirth, everyone in the mansion is well-prepared. Sasha, too, is more relaxed now than during her first childbirth, but nevertheless, giving birth to new life is still quite mentally and physically demanding. … Continue reading Villainess’ Father Chapter 61